If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can assist.

Our referral service believes that fitting each individual with the program that offers the optimal hope for recovery is the key to success. Combating and surmounting addiction is much easier when the addict has the reinforcement of caring and knowledgeable pros. That’s why we are here: to render guidance for addicts and their loved ones in urgent need of professional help.

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Thousands of people have turned to our unique drug abuse solution referral service over the years. And we pride ourselves on being the very best drug rehabilitation referral service in the entire nation.

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We know that each addict is an person & that not each rehab program works  for each individual.

Our mission & primary Goal is very straight-forward: to match each tormented addict with the rehab program we feel offers the optimal prospect for their long-term recovery.

Affordable Detoxification and Drug Rehabilitation

We take great care to partner with long term residential intensive treatments that are both affordable and proven successful.

Normal period of treatment is 3 months, although the majority of treatment programs in our referral network do not charge extra costs needed regardless of program duration. That’s because it s not unusual that some clients demand extended treatment beyond the standard program term.

Accredited and Registered Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in West Virginia

Each Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in our referral network is Fully Licensed and State Certified.

And most of the programs in our referral network are not for profit drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Most lay claim to success rates far beyond the national average.

Detoxification and Rehab Success Components

We know that the vast bulk of drug and alcohol abusers are determined to resolve their situation but do not know how. The programs in our referral network utilize only tried and true treatments.

And while we refer our clients to solutions-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs assisting them to attain a lasting end to addiction, individual responsibility, in the end, is the most significant determining factor as it relates to breaking free from addiction.

The addict must embrace personal responsibility, responsibility to family, and responsibility to Society in general.

West Virginia Drug Information

Cocaine hydrochloride and crack cocaine are widely available in most West Virginia.

Heroin availability is limited throughout West Virginia.

Marijuana consumption is considered a serious drug threat this West Virginia.

Methamphetamine is one of the most significant drug threats in West Virginia.

Demand for MDMA in West Virginia has increased, although its abuse remains concentrated near Morgantown, which is the location of West Virginia University.

Current trends indicate that the diversion of hydrocodone products and diazepam continues to be a problem in the state.

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According to data from a National Survey conducted by NSDUH, approximately 123,000 West Virginians over the age of 12 reported past month use of an illicit drug.

45,000 West Virginians citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year.

Approximately 29,000 reported past year illicit drug dependence.

During 2006, there were 7,642 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment in West Virginia. There were 6,383 admissions to treatment in 2005.