If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help.

Our expansive Drug and Alcohol Treatment referral service seeks to find each person the curriculum that offers the strongest hope for recovery. Battling and surmounting addiction is much easier when the addict has the reinforcement of compassionate and knowledgeable professionals. That’s why we are here: to render guidance for addicts and their loved ones in acute need of professional help.

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Thousands of people have turned to our referral service over the years.

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Matching each tormented addict with the rehab program we feel offers the greatest prospect for their long-term recovery is our mission. Each addict is an individual and each rehab program works differently for each individual.

Affordable Detoxification and Drug Rehabilitation

Detox and treatment cost is usually a primary concern when it comes to treatment.

Most people are amazed to learn that the majority of programs we refer our clients to do not charge additional costs needed regardless of program duration (which is normally 90 days). That’s because it s not unusual that some clients necessitate extended treatment beyond the general program term.

Fill out the rehab help form on this page or call us now at (800) 435-2890.

Certified and Certified Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Oklahoma

All Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in our referral network is Fully Licensed and State Certified.

The programs we refer our clients to enjoy way above average success rates. And most of the programs in our referral network are not for profit drug and alcohol treatment programs. We have been pioneers in the area of drug dependance and alcohol detoxification referrals for over 30 years.

Detoxification and Rehab Success Elements

– Accept a customized referral to a licensed Detoxification/Treatment Program in Oklahoma is the first essential step.

– Embrace Self-Reliance and Responsibility

Take the first step. The programs in our referral network utilize only the most effective and time-proven treatments.

We refer our clients to solutions-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs helping them to accomplish a permanent end to addiction.

Oklahoma Drug Abuse Info

Cocaine continues to be readily available throughout Oklahoma.

Demand for heroin has declined in recent years.

Meth, particularly crystal meth, produced in Mexico and the Southwest, remains the chiefl drug of concern in OK.

Marijuana is readily available throughout Oklahoma. Mexican “sinsemilla,” usually in pressed or brick form, is the most common type of marijuana available.

An increase in the abuse of club drugs: MDMA has been found at rave parties in eastern and central OK.

The most popular pharmaceutical substances abused are hydrocodone products. Oxycodone products, alprazolam and phentermine are also diverted. Methadone is a pharmaceutical drug of abuse on the rise in Oklahoma.

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According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 224,000.

82,000 Oklahoma citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year.