If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can provide help.

Our referral service is committed to pairing each person with the personalized curriculum that offers that person the strongest hope for recovery. It is much easier to overcome addiction when the addict has the support of caring and knowledgable professionals. That’s why we are here: to provide guidance for addicts and their loved ones in serious need of professional help.

During our years of operation, thousands of people have turned to our unique drug-abuse solution referral service. We take pride in being the very best, most comprehensive drug rehabilitation referral service in the US.

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We know that each addict is an individual. We know that some programs work better for certain individuals than others. So, our mission is straightforward: we match each suffering addict with the rehab program offers the best prospect for their long-term recovery.

Affordable Detoxification and Drug Rehabilitation

Cost is usually a major concern when it comes to Detox and Rehabilitation programs. Because we know this, we take great care to seek out long-term residential intensive treatments that are both affordable and proven effective.

Long-term rehab programs average 3 months.   Even so, the majority of programs we refer our clients there is no extra charge if the patient’s treatment is prolonged. That’s because it’s not unusual for some clients to require extended treatment beyond the general program term.

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Accredited and Registered Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Hawaii

Each Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in our referral network is Fully Approved and State Certified.

While they vary, on average the programs we refer our clients to far out-perform the industry success rate. Most of the programs in our referral network are not-for-profit drug and alcohol treatment programs. We have been innovators in the domain of drug addiction and alcohol detoxification referrals for years.

Detoxification and Rehab Success Components

We firmly believe that drug and alcohol addiction is most successfully treated when the addict comes to embrace personal ethics and responsibility and responsibility toward family members and society at large. Getting help in the form of a proper referral to a certified Treatment Program in Hawaii is the first, important step.

Even while desperate to solve their problems, the vast bulk of drug and alcohol abusers are unsure how to go about it. The programs in our referral network utilize only proven treatments.

We refer our clients to solutions-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, assisting them to end addiction for good.

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Hawaii Drug Information

Powder cocaine remains readily available throughout Hawaii and commonly used in conjunction with other drugs. Demand for cocaine is perpetuated by tourists.  Cocaine is usually concealed in vacuum-sealed bags and heavily taped with nonmetallic tapes.

Most of the heroin in Hawaii is black tar heroin.

At the end of 2007, there were 3,240 registered patients who were able to utilize marijuana for medicinal purposes under the Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Crystal meth is considered to be the most significant drug threat to the state.Widespread use of crystal methamphetamine has devastated the Hawaiian economy and families. The drug’s presence has increased street violence as well as property crimes. The majority of the crystal methamphetamine available in Hawaii is produced in Mexico and California.

Abuse of predatory MDMA, GHB and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)  is increasing among the youth and the military population stationed in Hawaii. These drugs are typically consumed among military personnel, teenagers and young adults attracted to  clubs, raves and bars.

Hydrocodone is one of the most abused pharmaceutical drugs in Hawaii.

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Some 83,000 of Hawaii citizens over the age of 12 reported past-month use of an illicit drug.

Additional survey results indicate that 15,000 reported past-year illicit drug dependence.

There were 6,518 admissions to treatment during 2006. In 2005, there were 6,809 treatment admissions reported in the state.