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Law Enforcement and marijuana

In a recent incident there were two men and they were moving from Washington state to Ohio so they had to travel through South Dakota and with them was some legally purchased medical marijuana and lo and behold a Highway Patrol officer stopped them and charged them with possession.  So what do you suppose they […]

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Excessive social media leads to depression

New study from Michigan State University finding that if you engage in many hours worth of media consumption every day or even if you use many different kinds of media all at the same time on a regular basis this could lead to depression and anxiety.  There were 319 individuals that were looked at each […]

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Legalize Pot and drug Abuse

This story was publised by and it shows that a man called Everett who was an addict and now has a drug treatment center is feeling like they are setting themselves up for big problems.

When Everett was in high school in the seventies he would skip class to go smoke, he also stole money […]

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Teenagers don’t want treatment

The National Institute of Health reports that about 1 percent of young people tell about symptoms of abuse or dependence on prescription opioids and they have now estimated that fewer than 12 percent of teens with these problems receive any treatment at all.  Dr. Li-Tzy Wu and colleagues at Duke University and the University of […]

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Legalizing Pot

This is what tough-on-crimes has done in 2010; $1 trillion in tax dollars spent over 40 years and 850,000 Americans arrested for marijuana law violations.  All of this activity also fueled the rise of deadly drug cartels.  So now Colorado and Washington are the first states to legalize recreational marijuana and that dealt a major […]

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Depression, what is it?

Have you ever been depressed?  Well, most of us really get a few sad days in our lives like maybe we lost a friend or a job and we feel the effect of that.  So how do we know when we are really depressed?  When feelings of sadness and being unable to cope overwhelm the […]

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Doctors and suicide

Medical News Today is releasing information in a study that reveals that Doctors who commit suicide; well it looks like they are under-treated for mental health problems.  We all know that they have good access to health care but it seems that this happens anyway; that is what the study from the University of Michigan […]

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Epidemic of Painkillers

In November, 2012,  ScienceDaily gave a part of an article from a newspaper that reported a Nebraska State patrol investigator called the abuse of prescription drugs an “epidemic” in the state.  Well, the assistant professor of phychiatry in the University Of Nebraska Medical College Of Medicine.  Aly Hassan, MD, agrees, “Clinically, it’s very common problem.  […]

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Prescription Drug deaths

One day an 18 year old girl went to a family funeral and instead of just going home to her Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights after the funeral she decided to go spend the night with her cousin.  That night her cousin offered her an Oxycontin just one mind you, while she was drinking.  She […]

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Natural remedies for depression

Ok the holidays are just about here.  That means family visits and friends over and food, fun, shopping, cooking, baking, office parties; yes we can all understand that.  But some of us get really depressed during this season.  For whatever reason things get restimulated like childhood memories or maybe the loss of your parents.  I […]

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