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Drugs for ADHD

Medical News today just recently shared a report with me that told me that two to three percent of children in Denmark meet the standards to be diagnosed with ADHD, so you say what does that mean to me?  Well that makes it very important to understand how the ADHD drug works.  Right now the […]

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Alcohol and Pregnancy

Just recently I had a very good friend that found out she was pregnant.  I am very delighted for her and now I am faced with the responsibility of getting some information to her about our weekly gathering where we drink wine and have a few other drinks during the week.  So I did some […]

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Louisiana Drug Law

In November 2012, State officials in the Louisiana banned a new synthetic drug which was blamed for at least one death in this state.  It a compound called 25i and it was added to the controlled Dangerous Substance Act.  The announcement was made at the State Police Crime Lab by health officials, lawmakers, and law […]

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Fast Food and Depression

A study that was published in the Public health Nutrition Journal was done by scientist from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada. This study took up the subject of eating fast foods and baked goods being linked to depression. Great that’s all I need to know that the […]

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is the same the world over. Now in the UK they have come up with a new strategy and in this plan there are steps that will ensure the General Practitioners (GP) advising the heavy drinkers that are presently going to see them. The plan is called The Government’s Alcohol Strategy […]

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Marijuana Abuse

I have been roommates with my friend Jerome for about six months. We both are in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin. Despite the fact that we are opposite genders, we do not date each other, and live together as roommates to share the cost of rent and utilities. When I […]

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Inhalants Drug Abuse

I own a beauty supply shop outside of Knoxville, TN. My long-time customer, “Janet”, came to me asking for my help with her daughter “Tabitha.” Janet wanted me to offer her an after-school job to help her with being more responsible. The child, an eleventh-grader, had suddenly taken a turn for the […]

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ADHD and drug abuse

A study was done and it was found that 6.2 million Physician office visits resulted in a diagnosis of ADHD in 2000 and by 2010 this number had jumped to 10.4 million office visits. So in just the last 10 years children getting a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has gone way up to […]

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Sunday Alcohol Sales in Louisiana

Right now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana there is a city parish law that states Sunday alcohol sales are restricted to restaurants and grocery stores after 11am. It seems that bars can’t sell at all, except when holidays fall on Sunday. What did you say? That could change soon? Councilwoman Alison Gary […]

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Drug Abuse Hurts Your Body

When a person is using and abusing drugs the last thing they think of is “what are these drugs doing to my body?” Drugs do not rebuild or replenish your body in no way. They are made to kill bacteria or stop pain. Because we use them to “feel good” that is what […]

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