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Obesity and Memory

Just recently in HealthDay News a study was reported that showed middle-aged people had exhibited a link existing between weakened memory and genetic traits that went along with obesity.  So what does that mean?  Possibly extra pounds change how our brains work.  The interesting thing was that this gene was found in whites but not […]

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Law Enforcement and marijuana

In a recent incident there were two men and they were moving from Washington state to Ohio so they had to travel through South Dakota and with them was some legally purchased medical marijuana and lo and behold a Highway Patrol officer stopped them and charged them with possession.  So what do you suppose they […]

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Observance of your kids

Have you as of lately really observed your kids?  What are they doing with their spare time?  There are a large number of kids out there that are latch key kids.  Yes, the economy is not the greatest so we as parents have to work so we do the best we can for our kids […]

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Excessive social media leads to depression

New study from Michigan State University finding that if you engage in many hours worth of media consumption every day or even if you use many different kinds of media all at the same time on a regular basis this could lead to depression and anxiety.  There were 319 individuals that were looked at each […]

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Legalize Pot and drug Abuse

This story was publised by and it shows that a man called Everett who was an addict and now has a drug treatment center is feeling like they are setting themselves up for big problems.

When Everett was in high school in the seventies he would skip class to go smoke, he also stole money […]

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Cell Phone Addiction

What?  I can get addicted to my cell phone?  Just recently Baylor University did a study and published it in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.  The study author, James Roberts said, “Cell phones are a part of our consumer culture.  They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol.  They’re […]

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Drinking before turning 21

HealthDay News is reporting that underage drinking in the US is still a serious public health issue and that comes from a new federal government report.  Information was gathered between 2008 and 2010 from the US National Survey on Drug Use and health and from that information it was found that more than 26 percent […]

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Drunks to the Emergency Room?

Medline Plus published a report of a study this morning with very interesting information about drunks and emergency rooms.  It seems that ambulance workers are not working off a checklist and they may be able to safely reroute drunken patients to detox centers instead of emergency rooms.  In 2004 it was estimated that 0.6 percent […]

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Teenagers don’t want treatment

The National Institute of Health reports that about 1 percent of young people tell about symptoms of abuse or dependence on prescription opioids and they have now estimated that fewer than 12 percent of teens with these problems receive any treatment at all.  Dr. Li-Tzy Wu and colleagues at Duke University and the University of […]

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Heavy Drinking

NaturalNews is reporting without question cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the US and the world but wait a minute they also reported that a new study has found that heavy drinkers are at more risk of death than those who smoke.

The study that they reported on was The German […]

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