Have you as of lately really observed your kids?  What are they doing with their spare time?  There are a large number of kids out there that are latch key kids.  Yes, the economy is not the greatest so we as parents have to work so we do the best we can for our kids in the afternoon hours after school. Don’t let your questions go unanswered about how to keep up with your children, checkout good websites for more suggestions. There are a large number of kids that are into their video games.  I know that is what they spend most of their spare time doing.  As a grandmother I see what my grandchildren do after school.  They have their head in those games and most of them are war games.  I can see that the oldest one is not sociable and he is most comfortable when he is in front of that computer playing those games.  That breaks my heart.  What happened to the days when boys were boys and went out to play baseball or football in the neighborhood?  They also went to the neighborhood playground where they could meet their friends and maybe even a girl.  That was our biggest concern.  No worry now if you want to know where these kids are after school just go look in front of their TV or computer.  They are playing video games.  I know this is the case with many teens across the country.  If they are not playing games they are in their rooms texting.  Social behavior has taken a back burner in the last two years.  I personally do not know how to combat this as these methods are being used as baby sitters.  For sure someone will come up with a name of a disorder and then they will want to prescribe a drug to fix that.  Well, I don’t want that to happen to my grandchildren.  How about you?  Something can be done about it.

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