Just recently in HealthDay News a study was reported that showed middle-aged people had exhibited a link existing between weakened memory and genetic traits that went along with obesity.  So what does that mean?  Possibly extra pounds change how our brains work.  The interesting thing was that this gene was found in whites but not in blacks.  John Speakman who is a professor at the Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences said: “could be useful in identifying people who may need more help with declining cognition.  Although some people believe obesity is purely a failure of individual will, scientist think genetic makeup has a lot to do with the propensity to gain extra pounds.  Studies of twins and families suggest that genes account for about 65 percent of variance in body weight.” Having an obesity problem might require outside help like drug rehabs.

This new study looked into four genetic traits related to a gene that’s thought to play a role in obesity.  They looked at 8,400 white and 2,100 black people aged 345 to 64.  These people had problems being able to remember words with two of the genetic traits.  What’s going on?  Speakman said, “It is possible that the gene may affect both weight and memory.”  In the big picture this research raises questions about these genetics and their effects on how the brain works.

Many of us who are overweight are absolutely looking for an answer to why we keep eating and gaining weight.  We sometime do anything to get slim.  Even if it means taking amphetamines to cut our appetite and then maybe become addicted.  It seems to go together this genetic situation may lead to taking too much of anything.  That way we could avoid taking responsibility for our behaviors.

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