This is what tough-on-crimes has done in 2010; $1 trillion in tax dollars spent over 40 years and 850,000 Americans arrested for marijuana law violations.  All of this activity also fueled the rise of deadly drug cartels.  So now Colorado and Washington are the first states to legalize recreational marijuana and that dealt a major blow to the war on drugs.  Medical marijuana was also legalized in Massachusetts.  That all states the long-running trend in public opinion toward more permissive attitudes on drugs.  Tom Angell, spokesperson for Law Enforcement against Prohibition stated, “To put this into historical context, there is no historical context, it’s the first time any state has ever voted to legalize marijuana and two of them did it.”  The ballot that just passed allows the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Marijuana is also considered a gateway drug, which can lead to dangerous drug addictions.

In Colorado, Amendment 64 won with 54 percent of the vote in favor.  In Washington Initiative 502 carried the day with 56 percent of the vote in support.  Oregon was the lone state where legalization appears to have lost.  In California, a proposition that would reduce the severity of the state’s harsh “three strikes” law was in total favor.  All over the nation voters sent mixed messages about medical marijuana.

But wait a minute; the Justice Department could move to block key elements of what is going on like tax collection.  Kevin Sabet, of the national Drug Control Policy said, “Once these states actually try to implement these laws, we will see an effort by the Feds to shut it down.”  So it looks like the Justice Department could hurt marijuana tax revenues meant for state treasuries.  Angell said, “Our work is Colorado and Washington is not yet done.  We still need to work on effectively implementing these laws so that we can show that when you legalize marijuana, the sky doesn’t fall.”

I am sure there are many other states that are observing the goings on with this law.  There are more than a few that would like to get the tax dollars from the sale of marijuana.

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