NaturalNews is reporting without question cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the US and the world but wait a minute they also reported that a new study has found that heavy drinkers are at more risk of death than those who smoke.

The study that they reported on was The German Study and in this study they followed 149 alcohol dependent adults for 14 years and here is some interesting fact s they came up with.

Heavy drinking will generally kill more quickly than smoking.

Women are at much greater risk of death than men.

Alcoholics tend to die about 20 years sooner than the general public.

People who are dependent on alcohol generally live shorter loves than do smokers.

Alcohol dependent women suffer death at a rate 4.6 times higher than average.

As for men with alcohol problems, their death rate was nearly double of those who were not dependent. Sometimes drug rehabs are needed to become non-dependent.

Professor Ulrich John of University Medicine Grefswald who led the study said, Clinical data have revealed a higher proportion of individuals who have died than among the general population of the same age.  Gender-specific data are rare, even among clinical samples.  Furthermore, these studies have two main limitations.  First we know that only a minority of AD individuals receive treatment of this disorder, but we lack knowledge about how this selection occurs.  Second, we have no evidence about potential effects of specialized alcoholism treatment on mortality among people who had been diagnosed as AD.”

John’s research team looked at 4,070 respondents aged 18-64, of that 153 were later identified as being alcohol dependent.  Of those, 149 respondents 119 men and 30 women were then followed over a span of 14 years. John said, “First, we found that annualized death rates were 4.6 fold higher for females and 1.9 fold higher for males compared to the age and gender specific population.  Second we found that t6he mean age at death was 60 for females and 58 for males, both of which are about 20 years lower than the mean age at death among the general population.  None of those deceased had reached the age of life expectancy.  Third, having participated in inpatient AD treatment was not related with longer survival compared to not having taken part in treatment, meaning it did not seem to have a sufficient protective effect against premature death.”

The study does appear to show that drinking could cause early death more frequently than that of smoking.  Moral of this story don’t drink or smoke.  There is a large portion of the population that does not do any of those activities.

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