HealthDay News is reporting that underage drinking in the US is still a serious public health issue and that comes from a new federal government report.  Information was gathered between 2008 and 2010 from the US National Survey on Drug Use and health and from that information it was found that more than 26 percent of 12 to 20 year olds reported drinking in the month before they were surveyed.  Nine percent said they bought their own alcohol.  Just a reminder here.  Buying and drinking any alcohol under age 21 is a big no in the US.  But even though that is the truth rates of underage drinking has increased and it is still unacceptably high.  What happens to youngsters when they drink?  They can have poor academic performance, sexual assault, injury, and even death.

I do know from having two children that went to college and got involved in drinking that these young people are doing this because it is acceptable among their friends and in fact if they don’t do these actions they are frowned upon.  So it is socially acceptable; that is one big reason that underage drinking stays high.  Most of these young people don’t even get the concept that this could lead to an addiction and affect their lives in the future.  Some of these young people get into serious trouble because of this underage drinking and this kind of record follows them throughout their adult lives. Some cases even lead to drug rehab programs.

Officials can do as much research as they want, the answer will be the same.  Young people drink because their friends do and most of them try it and like it.  So maybe we need to get at the problem at that point.  Help spread the word that it is not so acceptable.

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