Have you ever been depressed?  Well, most of us really get a few sad days in our lives like maybe we lost a friend or a job and we feel the effect of that.  So how do we know when we are really depressed?  When feelings of sadness and being unable to cope overwhelm the person and now these feelings undermine their ability to live a normal and active life well may be depression.  This can and does affect a person’s life in fact it can be as bad as having that of diabetes or some other chronic condition.  Symptoms of depression are different between people.  A person with depression feels hopeless, sad, and has lost interest in doing the things that were once pleasurable.  A symptom is something felt by the patient, such as a headache, while a sign is detected by other people too; like having a rash.

Let’s talk about some signs and symptoms that come with depression.  A person will have persistent sadness or low moods, they will have thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, feelings of self hatred, feeling like crying or of guilt, feelings of irritability so that even small things become annoying; this person may have angry outburst or intolerance towards others.  They can have persistent doubting and so they find it very hard to decide on things.  They don’t enjoy life and they have thoughts of suicide.  Some of the physical signs are their body movements may be slower that it use to be, they can’t focus, their speech may be slower than it used to be, their eating patterns change like they eat less and lose weight but some eat more and gain weight.  They have low sec drive, lack of energy, restlessness; unexplained aches and pains and sleeping disturbances. Sometimes depression can lead people to use illegal drugs and in some cases drug rehab is needed.

What does that cause in their lives?  They under-perform at work; they don’t do well in school.  They avoid keeping in touch with friends and abandon interests and hobbies, and they have family problems.

Well now that is all some good information to help us spot depression in ourselves or our friends.  What do you do if you figure out you are depressed?  Most people go to see a physician and they prescribed some kind of medication to get you out of this funk.  Albeit that may help get you going for a week or so but believe me the best thing to do is to reach out to a friend or group that will help you get out of this funk in a natural way.  Something can be done about it.

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