I was doing some research and found that naturalNews.com had a report that trials of major drugs are only carried out on men.  That may sound like a little detail but I do believe it is very important.  You may have noticed that doctors do a lot of complaining about the dangers of alternative medicine and at the same time they neglect to notice that the major drugs they are testing done only on men may affect women and their bodies.  You may ask what’s the big deal; well some women maybe as many as one million are being admitted to hospitals every year with side effects from nausea and high blood pressure to other life threatening conditions.  In fact some drugs test for males has been prescribed to pregnant women without the drugs being approved for this purpose.  We can look at women that are pregnant and they are given antidepressants; well these women have been found to have a much higher risk of developing the potentially fatal condition of pre-eclampsia.  So they say the drugs have been legally prescribed but it has been disclosed that the trails the drug companies carry out are not tested on women and therefore the effects are unknown. This may also lead to the abuse of non-tested drugs.

Well, let’s take a look at the reason they don’t test drugs on women.  They are really concerned about the fact that drugs will affect females differently than males.  Also they take into account that females monthly reproductive cycles could complicate the results of trials and slow down the approval of expensive and profit making drugs.  So that is another way they get drugs approved without proper testing.  One thing they do look at when they carry out trials on drugs is the weight, height, lifestyle and other drugs being taken by the subjects.  The dosages are often aimed at heavier males and they may absorb drugs differently than lighter females.  So what that means to us women is that these drugs will be over prescribed, not only for antidepressants but also for other common drugs.

So as we all know one of the best ways to avoid the dangers and side effects of prescription drugs is to avoid them altogether.  Oh no, mainstream doctors will tell you every day that most conditions are only treatable with chemical agents.  So we the people take these drugs and we believe that we are safeguarded against the harm that can be cause by illicit drugs.  Just because the doctor prescribed them to us.  Be aware of your own body and put in it what you think your body can use.  Know that you are one who knows best.

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