In November 2012, State officials in the Louisiana banned a new synthetic drug which was blamed for at least one death in this state.  It a compound called 25i and it was added to the controlled Dangerous Substance Act.  The announcement was made at the State Police Crime Lab by health officials, lawmakers, and law enforcement.

The authorities said an Arkansas mad died right after he inhaled it at the recent Voodoo Fest in New Orleans.  Two other people who had used it had to be hospitalized.  This 25i is blamed in at least five other deaths throughout this nation.

Calls are being made to the state poison control center because of 25i and it could be responsible for more drug overdose cases but it difficult to pinpoint the exact drug responsible.  DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein said, “The chemicals that go into these dangerous substances have no legitimate, medical uses ad we are taking all steps available to find and punish those distributing it so we can keep our state safe.”

This drug could cause hallucinations, euphoria, paranoia, and panic according to authorities. Louisiana drug rehabs are coping with these issues.

The state of Louisiana was one of the first states to ban any of these illegal synthetic drugs that hit the market a few years ago.  I did get the information that each time any state makes it illegal to have this drug those that are producing it change the formula just a little bit and then they have a new drug to distribute and this one is not illegal.  So it seems that keeping up with these drug makers is really the situation.  I do believe that one on the solutions is to not buy any of these synthetic drugs that are being sold at your local convenient stores.

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