Medical News today just recently shared a report with me that told me that two to three percent of children in Denmark meet the standards to be diagnosed with ADHD, so you say what does that mean to me?  Well that makes it very important to understand how the ADHD drug works.  Right now the University of Copenhagen researchers are gathering new information about the impact of ADHD medicine by utilizing a new mathematical reconstruction of a small part of a particular brain region which processes reward and punishment and that always involves the chemical dopamine.  Jakob Dreyer, postdoctoral Candidate University of Copenhagen said:

“It had been discussed for years whether treating ADHD with Ritalin and similar drugs affect the reward system to any significant degree, simply because the dosage given to patents is so low.  We are the first to show that some components of the dopamine signaling pathways are extremely sensitive to drugs like Ritalin.  We have also developed a unified theory to describe the effect of such drugs on the dopamine signal.”

Dryer puts much importance in the new study because the significance of understanding what happens during treatments with ADHD helps to develop more advanced drugs and also to understand the psychology behind ADHD.  It is noted that human behavior is driven by unconscious assessment of the cost to gain ratio.  The ADHD drug lessens the signals having to do with expected consequence or punishment.  Dopamine is a chemical found in the brain and it helps many processes which change human behaviors.  Certain activities like having sex, taking narcotics winning a competition and east boost levels of dopamine that is released in our body.  Because of this dopamine we repeat behaviors that have been linked to reward. In some cases this can lead to addiction and drug rehabilitation may be needed.

Ritalin and other ADHD medications have been seen to have inconsistent results, because high dosage increases activity and low dosage decreases it and that often makes it difficult to find the right dosage for each individual patient.

I totally understand these scientists having to do research to get answers to help people.  For me I do believe that when a child is hyper active it only means that he may not understand something.  A good way to naturally help this child is spend some time with them and talk with them and find out what is really going on with them.  Ritalin has now become the drug of choice in many schools and colleges.  There are students that are selling this drug to their friends.  That is the definition of a drug pusher.  Back in the 50s I can’t remember anyone using a drug like that.  If you could not be still in class you had some explaining to do.  In the late 60s a drug called amphetamine came into being and mothers and girls were taking it to lose weight.  I do believe that was the beginning of prescription drugs and their misuse.  All of that lead to addictions across the country.  Now our children are being drugged and becoming addicted to this drug called Ritalin.

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