Just recently my sister had an experience with a teacher that really got me upset.  Her 10 year old Bobby was “severely disrespectful” in school and so what does this teacher do?  She gives the idea that he was ADHD and wants my sister to get Bobby some help and get him to behave.  Bobby wasn’t sitting still, he wasn’t following instructions or lesson plans.  He was often getting up to wander aimlessly around the classroom in the middle of a lecture she was giving.  The teacher wanted my sister to get to this doctor she knew who was nice and he had a reputation for hooking up parents with drug fixes for the kids.  I begged my sister to not put Bobby on drugs.  Let’s do everything we can to figure out what is troubling Bobby and get it addressed.

Sometimes children are distracted, uncooperative, stressed, confused, hyperactive or just troubled.  There is a reason for that.  Don’t just put your child on Ritalin and expect things to just get better.  That is chemically altering your child’s body and harming it in ways you can’t even see.

My sister and her husband were divorced two years now.  Bobby’s dad had a new girlfriend and he wasn’t coming over as much.  Maybe only once a month to see Bobby.  My sister had gotten an extra job and brought some work home in the evening so she wasn’t spending much time with Bobby,  Naturally Bobby was feeling lonely and he had no idea how stressed out he was.  He started to act out in strange behaviors.  When he did act out my sister would fuss and send him to his room.  I don’t think a medical diagnosis is needed.  If you gave him a pill and a label that would only make things worse.  So talking with Bobby and my sister was a beginning step to Bobby getting back to his old self.  My sister reminds Bobby how much she loves him each day and she spends time with him and got her ex-husband to do the same.  Bobby got relaxed and started to do much better in school.

When you have this problem and you go to the doctor there should be questions he would ask parents before getting his prescription pad out.

Is your child under any unusual stress that you know of?

Have you asked him what kinds of things are bothering him?

Does your child have any reason to stay distracted?

Is there excessive fighting in the family?

Has there been any trauma in his life?

How stable is family life in general?

How involved are you with your child?

How much time do you spend together?

When there is stress, conflict and other issues in your family this can deeply affect you child.  If the doctor doesn’t want to start off with these kinds of questions then you are seeing the wrong doctor.  Don’t just put your child on drugs.  Ritalin is the most popular drug for this ADHD.  Your child is not ADHD he just needs some ATTENTION and LOVE.

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