One of the most important things in the war on drugs is the Mexican border and President Obama is stating that the border has never been more protected.  Border patrol has doubled with an estimated 8,000 agent that are patrolling southern borders.  Governor Rick Perry is warning that is not enough.  He feels there should be more done because of the mounting drug violence in Mexico.  The state of Texas has mobilized its own force to get the job done including hundreds of Texas Rangers, troopers and pilots.  There were 15 helicopters assigned to areas from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley.  Captain Stacy Holland, a supervisor of the air team from the Texas Department of Public Safety states, “because the state of Texas shares 1,254 miles of border with Mexico we have a self-serving interest and are thrust right into the middle of the fight.”  The DPS is reporting that an area along the Rio Grande Valley is the busiest smuggling corridor in Texas.  Captain Holland further stated, “Right here we’ve actually timed smugglers, they can get a 2,000 pound load across in less than two minutes from Mexico onto a highway of the US.  In these pursuits the driver has been trained.  This is not his first rodeo.  He knows this area like the back of his hand.”

These helicopters have cameras and they are capturing video of all the high speed chases.  There are more than just one or two guys from Mexico on these drug runs.  The area is a real smuggling hotspot.  Some are wondering is the threat of violence from Mexico real or rhetoric? That remains to be seen.  With the political scene getting hotter someone will make more of what is going on the Texas border.  For sure the war on drugs roars on.

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