Just recently the Honorable Phyllis Fong, Inspector General,  gave testimony when she appeared in front of the House Governmental Oversight and Reform Committee and she stated, “Food stamp recipients traded their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits at a discount to corrupt merchants and retailers in exchange for cash.”  Now it is plain to see how people on welfare are using this system to get their drugs.  I could not understand how drug dealers were set up to cash in food stamps.  This testimony helps me to understand what is actually going on.

“In terms of fraud, we have seen many types of trafficking in SNAP benefits.  By giving a recipient $50 in cash for $100 in benefits, an unscrupulous retailer can make a significant profit; recipients, of course, are then able to spend the cash however they like.”

Welfare fraud is defined as trafficking in the sale of food stamp benefits for monetary gain and many people may not know this but it is punishable by loss of benefits, fines and criminal prosecution.  This could be what all the noise is about when they want to drug test recipients who want welfare aid.  Fong commented, “In some cases, recipients have exchanged benefits for drugs, weapons, and other contraband.  When trafficking occurs unchecked, families do not receive the intended nutritional assistance, and unscrupulous retailers profit at the expense of the American Public.”

A series of audits of 10 states and the analysis shows that a total of 8,594 recipients in five states were receiving potential improper payments.  It was noted that some of the recipients used Social Security numbers of members of their families that were already dead.  All together it looked like recipients could be getting $1.1 million each month.  That may not seem to be a big number when you compare it to the whole federal budget.  But fraud is fraud and it will create more fraud if it is not put in check. This is another example how a drug addict will go to many lengths to get their fix.  If you know someone who is playing this game with taxpayers money do make a comment to them that you can get them some help.  Something can be done about it.

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