Just this week Federal law enforcement official announced they have made the largest mass drug arrest in Colorado history.  There were more than 500 police officers and federal agents that raided 97 homes and arrested 80 people.  The U.S. Attorney John F. Walsh said, “Several dozens of Kilos of cocaine, a dozen firearms and not one person was hurt.”

Walsh noted that this investigation started about two years ago right after authorities arrested members of a notoriously violent bank robbery gang, the Hoppin Bandits, and Blood Street gang members in Aurora and Denver.  Federal and local police officials had four different investigations going into drug trafficking when they started working together and realized that the puzzle pieces were fitting and links were connected.  Walsh said, “Those multiple investigations began to show overlap and connections.  The investigations into cocaine trafficking united into one large effort, and the arrests of the gang member led agents to the organized crime hierarchy to major drug traffickers in Mexico and California.”  The investigation was aimed at taking down a drug trafficking network this network was set up between México, Los Angeles and Denver.  The purpose they had was to disrupt and dismantle a major international and interstate drug trafficking operation because they were the source of cocaine and crack cocaine for the Denver metro area.

This mass bust involved at least 50 organizations, including FBI, Metro Gang Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security, organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, the North metro Drug Task Force, Lakewood Police Department and Aurora Police Department.

Aurora Police chief Dan Oates, said, “You have 500 cops at 6 in the morning who are taking suspects into custody who were this violent and this dangerous and have nobody hurt, it’s remarkable.  It’s rare that I’ve seen a sophisticated operation done so well and done so smoothly.”  There were 100 arrest warrants and dozens of commanders and supervisors with their teams to make sure the arrests came about smoothly.  Walsh said, “This is a big deal for Colorado.  It sends a clear message to people bringing drugs and selling, and that is, ‘Your day will come’,  The effort to disrupt and dismantle the criminal organizations responsible for drug trafficking in Colorado is by no means over and will lead to further investigations.”

Well done to this task force.  Getting these drugs off the streets is wonderful and arresting those responsible for trafficking is even more wonderful.  So the war on drugs is going well.

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