Most of us have the opinion that there should be stricter rules and watch over of prescription drugs because these are often abused when in the wrong hands.  The Massachusetts Senate is set to take up a bill calling for just that kind of measures.  The measure went for debate in Early February 2012 and it would require that all doctors who prescribe controlled substances register with the states’ prescription monitoring program.  The drugs they are looking at are legal painkillers such as Oxycontin and Vicodin.  There was a report from 2009 that Massachusetts has one of the highest rates of narcotic abuse in the country.  What was recorded that year was 3,265 opiate-related deaths over a five-year period.  Officials knew that it was time to get serious about this problem.

Reports are showing that in 2007 2.5 million Americans abused prescription drugs for the first time and this number is compared to the 2.1 million who used marijuana for the first time.  The abuse of prescription drugs is growing and the use of many street drugs is declining.  Teenagers like to use marijuana and now they have tuned to prescription drugs among them is the painkiller.  We may ask why?  A survey was done and it showed that almost 50% of teens believe that taking prescription drugs (painkillers) is much safer than using illegal street drugs.  These drugs are highly potent and mind altering and the teenagers do not know this.  They also are not aware of the fact that they can lead to long term addiction.  There are some people who get them prescribed for pain relief and they eventually fall into the trap of abuse and addiction.  Their addiction from the painkillers surface much later into their treatment of their pain.

The bill in Massachusetts is requiring all doctors to use tamper-proof prescription pads and notify the parent of any minors they treat for prescription drug overdoses.  The Senate President Therese Murray was stated as saying, “Opiate abuse affects families from every socio-economic background in the state.”

Massachusetts has joined the many other states in this union that are implementing a drug monitoring program.

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