Man confused about rehab, questions about addictionThere are about two dozen in-patient alcohol abuse centers in the United States that would qualify to be considered in the “best” category. Unfortunately, or fortunately, because they are the best, they are flooded with clients. Their clients mainly come to them by word of mouth.

There are alcohol abuse centers in the United States that are so effective and create such a positive experience for their clients that when their clients graduate, these people are walking, talking billboards for the rehabs. You won’t hear about these alcohol abuse centers on late night TV ads. That being said, you may have heard about these alcohol abuse centers on “Oprah” and other talk shows, but only because certain celebrities and other important people have gone to these alcohol abuse centers and gotten such a good result that they feel like they need to tell people about it.

But commonly you won’t see such facilities advertised on billboards or broadly promoted at all. Because they’re so successful, and because they’re so jammed with people, they become a sort of “well-kept secret” in America. The average friend or family member of an alcoholic looking to get their loved one into an alcohol rehab ends up going with a program that has the average success rate of only 20%. They don’t know the center only has the typical success rate of 20% because that information isn’t divulged about the center in question. It also isn’t divulged that the success rate of all alcohol abuse centers across America is only 20%.

There are alcohol abuse centers that are helping almost every single one of their graduates live sober, alcohol and drug free for the rest of their lives. The main difference between these programs and the run-of-the-mill programs that you hear advertised so heavily or that you end up reaching on the phone when you call “AAA Alcohol Addiction Help” from the yellow pages, is that these programs are structured and designed with modern techniques and methodologies tailor-made to help alcoholics. The first and only consideration concerning the methodology of these successful programs is the question, “How do we help the alcoholic attain sobriety?” None of these programs are 28-day programs. It would be impossible for a 28-day programs to achieve the same results as one of these programs, because 28-day programs are structured on the basis of collecting the maximum amount of insurance money, not on providing the maximum amount of help to their clients.

The drug rehab counselors who came together to establish our alcohol abuse referral service have been in the field of drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation for many years. They have worked with substance abuse rehabilitation programs found all throughout the United States. In our work, we have come to know through word of mouth what centers have been getting the best results. We know with certainty what the best alcohol rehab centers are in America. The bulk of these are non-profit organizations. They can help you overcome addiction. We can help you find them.

We can help you or your loved one. We’ve been helping people find the best alcohol rehab centers in the U.S. for many years, and we can help you, too.