3-D illustration of man pulling alcoholic from giant bottle of alcoholThe short answer to that question is no. Alcohol rehab clinics cannot promise that an alcoholic who graduates their program won’t go back to alcohol.

The reason for this is that even the best alcohol rehab programs in the world only manage about a 75% success rate. 20 – 25% of their graduates do go back to drinking alcohol within a year after completing their program.

What Causes an Alcoholic to Revert After Going to Alcohol Rehab Clinics?

There are many factors that could have contributed to an individual reverting. One of these is that the alcoholic needed to spend more time in the program in order to achieve sufficient stability, but he didn’t do so. Another reason could be that something was missed during the program, and the alcoholic didn’t effectively deal with a person or situation in their life, so that when they went back home they weren’t able to handle it, and as a result they went back to abusing alcohol in order to cope.

But whatever the reason, an alcohol rehab works only to the degree that the patient gets something out of it. Because of that, you can’t guarantee a result. A rehab is not the only party responsible for the result obtained with an alcoholic. The alcoholic himself is responsible for the result he gets out of the program. He’s only going to get out of it what he puts into it. What is more, the family and friends of the alcoholic are also responsible for making sure that what the alcoholic has learned in rehab sticks once he gets home.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Clinics Help Their Clients Focus on Recovery

That being said, the very best rehabs employ drug counselors who are skilled at drawing out the best in their clients. In other words, they can elicit a willingness to learn and a strong positive effort towards overcoming addiction. The rehab and its personnel have a lot to do with recovery, but that being said, they don’t have control over every factor of addiction.

The Best Alcohol Rehabs Don’t Guarantee Results

The best rehabs do not make guarantees about their results. They don’t need to. They’re the best. Why would they? That being said, a rehab can guarantee that it will do all the actions that are prescribed for that alcoholic. In other words, top-of-the-line alcohol rehabs will guarantee that they will take certain steps with the alcoholic, and if they don’t take those steps they will offer some sort of money-back guarantee. For example, if the program consists of 10 steps each one week long, and the alcoholic only receives three of them, it would be expected that the rehab would refund the remainder of service unused because it didn’t have to deliver that service.

While it is unfortunately common that some rehabs won’t offer such a guarantee, the best rehabs will because they feel a certain level of responsibility to get results with the person, just like the alcoholic himself should feel some responsibility. Overcoming addiction is quite factually a team effort.

The Only Person Who Can Offer a Guarantee of Sobriety

The other thing to note about this is that as an alcoholic – if you are searching for a guarantee from someone else that you’ll get off alcohol, or as a friend or family member – if you’re searching for a guarantee from a drug counselor or facility administrator that their rehab will keep your loved one sober for life, then you’ve adopted a viewpoint as a result of false information or urban legend that will actually be harmful to the recovery process. The concept or theory that alcoholism is a brain disease or a mental illness is factually, medically and scientifically invalid. The truth is that the alcoholic himself is ultimately responsible for the decisions that he makes to drink alcohol. One of the main reasons he’s not able to stop drinking alcohol is that he’s convinced himself that it’s no longer under his control, and so it isn’t.

If an alcoholic seeks a guarantee of sobriety from anyone but yourself, he is barking up the wrong tree. A rehab will help you achieve sobriety, but you’re the only one who can guarantee it. Likewise, if you are a friend or family member of an addict, an alcohol rehabilitation program can help your child or your loved one overcome addiction. As a matter of fact, in many cases, it may be the only chance your loved one has of overcoming addiction. Once it’s gotten this bad, quitting isn’t something that can be accomplished by oneself. That being said, the only person that can guarantee that an alcoholic will not drink again, is the alcoholic. It’s up to him or her. It’s his or her decision. At some point during their rehabilitation, if they go to a good alcohol rehab, they will realize that. And it’s at that exact point that they start to be freed from the shackles of addiction.

Alcoholism Rehab Clinics Restore the Power of Choice Over Alcohol

They realize that they do have a choice. They might not have a choice now, while they’re still physically under the influence of the drug, but once sober, once they realize they have a choice, they can start to go free.

One of the biggest motivations the drug rehab counselors that work here at our referral service have is that phone call they get from one of our clients telling them that they realized they don’t have to be a slave to addiction anymore. They don’t have to keep hitting the bottle. They have a choice, and they’ve chosen to take their lives back.