While there are many ways to rank alcohol inpatient treatment centers, you could say that they fall into some broad categories based on their basic philosophies, the methodologies of their personnel, the training level of their personnel, and their success.

We’ve put together a ranking system that we use to identify good drug rehabilitation centers for our clients, and you can actually use a similar ranking system to determine whether or not you feel comfortable with going with a particular drug rehabilitation program for yourself or a family member.

Four out of four star alcohol rehab center ratingFour Out of Four Stars

This inpatient alcohol treatment center has it all.

An alcoholic can check into here and when he leaves as a graduate he has a great chance at permanent recovery. Not only do a majority of its graduates continue on to a lifetime of sobriety, but the vast majority of the people that sign up for the program do graduate.

In the program, it is taught that addiction is a compulsion that can be beat, and that the alcoholic himself can be free of his addiction. Clients who graduate the program are confident of this and exemplify this in their daily lives.

The program not only address the physical aspect of addiction, but also the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects as well, and uses proper nutrition and exercise to get the alcoholic feeling great.

A re-entry program is used wherein a drug counselor assists the ex-alcoholic with the process of readjusting to his new life back at home.

Family visits are controlled and friends aren’t allowed to visit the alcoholic during the time period of rehab in order to prevent unnecessary distractions.

Measures are taken to prevent the availability of alcohol in the vicinity of the rehab.

Alcoholism is treated not as a disease but as a habit that can be broken, and yet this habit is taken seriously and treated with the same level of care and attention as any other drug abuse habit.

Withdrawal from alcohol is taken seriously and sufficient preparation and steps are taken to ensure the withdrawal is as easy and smooth as possible for the alcoholic. Medical attention is preferably on site and if not is readily available. In any event, a registered nurse is on site if not a medical doctor.

Three out of four star alcohol rehab centre ratingThree Out of Four Stars

This alcohol inpatient treatment facility meets some but not all of our four-star requirements, and is lacking in sufficient accreditation, success rate, follow-through, or might just have premises not completely up to standards. However, this is a rehab that is still succeeding in its core purpose of helping alcoholics deal with their addiction effectively, and this is the type of program we’d recommend to people who aren’t willing to travel beyond a certain distance to participate in an in-patient program, and who don’t have a four-star facility in their area.

Two out of four star inpatient alcohol treatment ratingTwo Out of Four Stars

We never recommend an alcohol inpatient treatment center of the two star variety. This is a facility that is basically a run-of-the-mill drug or alcohol rehab program. Very few of its graduates remain sober for long. This is typical of the traditional rehab programs found throughout the United States. The facility itself may appear adequate and the personnel may be accredited but the methodology employed may only treat the physical side of addiction and perhaps includes some sort of one-size-fits-all group counseling, but nothing that effectively helps someone change his mind about his compulsion and helps him see a new road for life. Most, over 90% of all drug rehabs, fall into this category, including some of the rehabs whose premises look extremely aesthetic and visually pleasing. A two star rehab often looks just like a 3 or 4 star if you don’t know the criteria by which to judge it.

One out of four stars alcohol addiction treatment ratingOne Out of Four Stars

A one star rehab actually makes things worse. You’d be better off trying to quit on your own with the help of a family member than checking into one of these facilities. It isn’t accredited, or it’s a scam, or the facility itself is inadequate. Insufficient medical attention is given, withdrawal is mishandled, and overall the counselors have an attitude or tell their clients what’s wrong with them and are accusative. Generally such a rehab just makes a mess of people.