The drug counselors who operate’s Drug Crisis Hotline have compiled a series of articles on alcohol addiction and rehabilitation so that you can have all the information you need when trying to choose a solution for alcohol rehabilitation for yourself or a loved one.

Advice for Choosing Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics – Tips to help you find the right alcohol rehabilitation clinics serving your area.

Alcohol Abuse Center Myths – These three common alcohol abuse myths are all believed by the public at large only they repeated so often. None of them are true, even though they’re promoted by most alcohol abuse centers and rehabs.  Learn fact from fiction.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment – What Works and What Doesn’t – Find out what can make alcohol abuse treatment succeed, and what can make any effort at alcohol rehabilitation fail.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers That Work –  Alcohol abuse treatment centers that work share some commonalities.  Understanding what these workable alcohol rehab systems have in common can share some light on what to look for in choosing the right alcohol abuse rehab for you.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in the U.S. – Learn about the different methodologies used by alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States and find the best match for you or your loved one.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment – Answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about alcohol and drug treatment.  Use this information to make an informed decision about what type of treatment to go with and what pitfalls to avoid.

Alcohol Detox Centers to Avoid – Some alcohol detox centers should be avoided at all costs.  Use these major DON’Ts to isolate the alcoholism detox and alcohol addiction treatment that’s right.

Alcohol Detox Facts and Myths – Here are some commonly heard alcohol detox statements and whether they’re facts or myths.

Alcohol Detox Programs Can Make Withdrawal Easier – Learn how a medically supervised alcohol detox program can make withdrawal from alcoholism easier, safer and more pain-free.

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Centers Aren’t All Created Equal – While there are many ways to rank inpatient alcohol treatment facilities, you could say that they fall into some broad categories.  Learn how to identify the best.

Alcohol Rehab Clinic Signs of Success – In building our lists of proven alcohol rehab clinics that we would consider referring our clients to, we have identified several reliable signs of success…

Alcohol Treatment Facilities – Understanding Your Options – Understand your options in choosing between alcohol treatment facilities so that you or your loved one finds the rehab that’s the perfect fit.

Alcohol Treatment Program Fundamentals – Knowing these fundamentals can help you get the most out of an alcohol treatment program and identify the best rehab program to enroll in.

Alcohol Treatment Programs – Pitfalls to Avoid – Make sure you or your loved one gets the best experience possible from alcohol treatment programs by taking steps to avoid these pitfalls.

Can Alcohol Rehab Clinics Promise Results? – What kind of results can you expect from alcohol rehab clinics?  Find out what makes an alcoholism clinic effective and helpful.

Five Things to Ask About an Alcohol Treatment Facility Before You Sign Up – Five questions to ask that can help you feel confident about the alcohol treatment facility you are thinking about enrolling with.

How to Locate an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center – Locating an alcohol abuse treatment center is one of the most important steps toward recovery.  The trick is to find the right one the first time.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Pros and Cons – Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment can be a great option but it’s important to know the potential pros and cons before making a decision.

The Three Phases of Drug and Alcohol Detox – Drug and alcohol detox refers to the process whereby an addict stops habitually taking a drug and so allows his body to re-balance.  Detox occurs in three main phases.

Treatment For Alcoholism – What Options Are Available? – If you are seeking treatment for alcoholism for yourself or someone you love, it helps to know your options…

What Alcohol Abuse Centers are the Best? – There are alcohol abuse centers in the United States that are the absolute best.  They’re so good they don’t even advertise.  We help you find them.