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Our referral service matches each individual with the program that offers the greatest likelihood of success. Defeating addiction is much more likely if the addict has the support of compassionate and knowledgeable pros. That’s why we are here: to supply guidance for addicts and their loved ones in acute need of professional help.

Over the years, thousands of people have turned to our unique drug abuse solution referral service. We pride ourselves on being the best, most comprehensive drug rehabilitation referral service in the entire nation.

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We know that each addict is an individual. We also know that not every rehab program works for the same for each individual. So, our mission is very straight-forward: to match each tormented addict with the rehab program we feel offers the best prospect for their long-term recovery.

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Affordable Detoxification and Drug Rehabilitation

Detox and treatment cost is usually a top concern when it comes to considering treatment. So, we take great care to seek out long-term residential intensive treatments that are both affordable and successful.

For most long term rehab programs, the average period of treatment program is usually about 90 days. Most clients are stunned to learn that the majority of programs we refer our clients to do not charge additional costs regardless of program duration. That’s because it is not unusual that some clients require their treatment be extended beyond the usual program term.

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Accredited and Registered Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Alaska

All Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in our referral network are Fully Sanctioned and State Certified.

Success rates vary, but on average the programs we refer our clients to achieve success far above the industry average. The majority of the programs in our referral network are non-profit drug and alcohol treatment programs. We have been pioneers in the arena of drug addiction and alcohol detoxification referrals for many years.

Detoxification and Rehab Success Components

Treating drug and alcohol addiction successfully heavily relies on a return to personal responsibility involving duty toward family members and society at large. Getting assistance in the form of a customized referral to a registered Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in Alaska is the first crucial step.

We know that the great majority of drug and alcohol abusers are determined to overcome their problems, but do not know how to take the first step. The programs in our referral network use only tried and true treatments.

We refer our clients to solutions-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, helping them to put an enduring end to addiction.

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Alaska Drug Information

Cocaine is seen with great frequency in powder form in Alaska. Crack is readily available in Alaska’s major population centers, such as Anchorage and Fairbanks. Powder cocaine sells for approximately $100-$150/gram and is primarily snorted. Crack cocaine is sold in rock quantities for about $20 and is usually smoked.

Heroin continues to pervade Alaska. Different varieties of heroin are available in Alaska, including Mexican Heroin, Colombian and Southeast Asian.

Marijuana is the most abused drug in Alaska. In June 2006, then-Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed HB 149, which re-criminalized the use of marijuana. High demand for Alaskan-grown marijuana is due to its high THC content.

Alaskan cocaine trafficking is dominated by Mexican and Dominican traffickers. “Crack” cocaine is a major a threat to Alaskans. Many Drug Organizations deal in both crack and powder cocaine, usually originating in the lower 48 states. Inflated prices are due to the limited supply.

Though meth lab seizures are down, methamphetamine imported into Alaska continues.

MDMA, LSD and GHB are all available in Alaska.

Abuse and trafficking of Oxycontin, hydrocodone and anabolic steroids are a concern in Alaska.

According to 2005-2006 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), some 58,000 of Alaska citizens over the age of 12 reported past-month use of an illicit drug.

Survey results also indicate that 18,000+ Alaskan citizens reported drug dependence during the past year.

According to national survey estimates, approximately 16,000 Alaska citizens need but are not receiving treatment for illegal drug use.